"The value of ALF is being part of something bigger than myself, the wealth of experience that I can draw on that comes from all the many diverse fellow ALF members I have met and my enhanced abilities to collaborate."

- Alex Oliphant, Class II
Owner, Oliphant & Co., Inc.


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The American Leadership Forum brings together established leaders to learn new processes of collaborative leadership with a regional focus. The program provides a unique opportunity for communication across sectors by bringing together members of diverse groups. ALF is centered on the premise that good leadership depends upon cultivating a sense of civic responsibility, a climate of trust and open dialogue among divergent sectors and a positive vision, along with collaborative problem-solving skills.

The overriding goal of the program is to foster a sense of personal responsibility for change in the community and to provide a pivotal experience that enhances the growth and development of each Fellow.

Fellows meet on a monthly basis and are hosted by members of the class at various locations throughout the Charlotte Region.  ALF faculty members are experts in their field, and recognize the importance of participatory dialogue and experiential learning. All sessions are designed to be highly interactive.