"I was (and continue to be) stunned by the power of vulnerability. Once members of a group are willing to “put their cards on the power” — by being honest, authentic, open and compassionate to others — and commit to “largest good” solutions (rather than “my good” solutions) it amazes me what can occur. It sounds easy; it sounds trite. It’s neither. But it is worth it. ALF both made me realize its power and gave me skills and confidence enough to do it."

- Josh Thomas, Class VIII
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What is the American Leadership Forum?

ALF is a national organization with chapter affiliates across the country.  Joseph Jaworski founded ALf in 1980 in Houston (www.alfnational.org) with the mission to “join and strengthen leaders to better serve the public good.”  There are nine active chapters:  Charlotte Region; Houston, TX; the State of Oregon; Silicon Valley, CA; Mountain Valley, CA; Tacoma/Pierce County, WA; Great Valley, CA; the State of Michigan; and Waccamaw Region, SC.

What is the ALF Charlotte Region Fellows Program?

Each year, ALF Charlotte Region selects approximately 24 experienced leaders from diverse backgrounds – professional, ethnic and cultural, political and geographic – from our 13-county region to participate in the ALF Fellows Program.  This nine month program includes monthly seminars on collaborative leadership topics and community issues and a 3-day wilderness experience. The mission of the ALF Charlotte Fellows Program is to guild a growing network of leaders throughout the region; to expand their leadership skills, trust and relationships; and to make a difference in the region by working together.  One of the most important aspects of the program is the strong personal friendships that develop between the Fellows, promoting lifelong relationships that span multiple boundaries.

Who are the ALF Fellows and Senior Fellows?

ALF Fellows are members of the class currently participating in the ALF Program.  Senior Fellows are individuals who have fully participated in and graduated from the ALF Fellows Program. Senior Fellows gather regularly for issues forums, social events and community service.  The more than 350 Charlotte Region Senior Fellows are part of a national network of Senior Fellows who are committed to the ALF mission of working collaboratively for the public good.