"Whenever I am involved in working collaboratively I constantly draw on my ALF experience – for me, effective collaboration and ALF are forever linked."

- Van Shields, Class III
Director, York County Culture and Heritage Commission


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The Lee Institute

The Lee Institute was founded in 1997 in honor of Bill Lee, a remarkable corporate and civic leader in the region.   The organization believes that public good is best found when a community seeks out and listens to a variety of voices and opinions.  Our work over the past 15+ years has been to help bring wider participation in all types of community work.

The Lee Institute is a nonprofit organization that serves people, organizations and communities through:

    • leadership development
    • design and management of collaborative projects
    • support of community collaboration
    • citizen involvement
    • strategic planning for nonprofits and communities

To see more about the programs and services of The Lee Institute, visit our website.

The Lee Institute and The Charlotte Region Chapter of The American Leadership Forum are part of the Lynnwood Foundation, which is a nonprofit organization established in 1996.  The Lynnwood Foundation also maintains the Duke Mansion, a historic inn and meeting place.