"The greatest gift from ALF was the discussion and the understanding of what it means to truly be a servant leader. This concept has helped me so much in every aspect of life but especially in my business and community understanding of what true leadership means and why one should serve."

- Ray Killian, Class I
CEO, Simonini Builders


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About ALF

Mission Statement

Our mission is to join and strengthen established leaders in the Charlotte Region to better serve the public good.  We do this through an intense year-long program that fosters learning and trust among experienced leaders from every sector of our community.  The ALF – Charlotte Region Chapter, a flagship program of The Lee Institute, serves a 14-county region encompassing both North and South Carolina.

8 Cornerstones

  • Building trust and relationships among diverse leaders.
  • Motivating leaders to be catalysts for positive community change.
  • Strengthening collaborative leadership skills in the arts of democracy.
  • Exploring the interconnectedness of communities within a region.
  • Enriching and renewing personal values while fostering a balance between being and doing
  • Understanding and empowering self and others
  • Exploring, understanding and valuing diversity
  • Inspiring leaders to a lifetime of active public engagement

Founded in 1980 by Joseph Jaworski, More than 300 leaders in our 14-county region have participated in the program, encompassing both North and South Carolinas.  The charlotte Region chapter, founded in 1999, is one of 9 chapters across the country with more than 3000 graduates.

The Lee Institute became a catalyst for the development of this leadership capacity by launching the Charlotte Region Chapter of the American Leadership Forum.