Jason Broadwater|Founder and President, RevenFlo

"The American Leadership Forum provides a powerful experience in personal learning and growth. I'll never forget it. I'm so glad I didn't let the excuse of being busy allow me to pass the opportunity by."

David Bradley|President and CEO, Statesville Chamber of Commerce

"The ALF experience was one of the most meaningful things I have done in my life. I met some of the strongest people I know and more importantly, I met – for the first time – me. ALF goes well beyond the confines of a typical ‘leadership’ program. Wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world."

Alex Oliphant|Owner, Oliphant & Co., Inc.

"The value of ALF is being part of something bigger than myself, the wealth of experience that I can draw on that comes from all the many diverse fellow ALF members I have met and my enhanced abilities to collaborate."

Allan Baucom|President, A.L. Baucom Inc.

"The long term impact of my participation in ALF has been to maintain focus on collaboration and seeking regional synergy opportunities as we deal with water, sewer, environment, transportation, and other issues in Union County."

Josh Thomas|Partner, Topics Education

"I was (and continue to be) stunned by the power of vulnerability. Once members of a group are willing to “put their cards on the power” — by being honest, authentic, open and compassionate to others — and commit to “largest good” solutions (rather than “my good” solutions) it amazes me what can occur. It sounds easy; it sounds trite. It’s neither. But it is worth it. ALF both made me realize its power and gave me skills and confidence enough to do it."

Ray Killian|CEO, Simonini Builders

"The greatest gift from ALF was the discussion and the understanding of what it means to truly be a servant leader. This concept has helped me so much in every aspect of life but especially in my business and community understanding of what true leadership means and why one should serve."

Mark Hudson|President, HTMH Consulting

"The most important lasting memory is the bonding experience with so many diverse and talented people. This has resulted in friendships that will last the rest of my life. But for a specific moment I shall remember, it was overcoming a lifelong fear of heights and being able to grasp the top of a rock I thought I could not climb; it turns out I could, but only with the help and encouragement of my classmates. In that one moment, a lot of things shifted in a very positive way for me."

Joni Davis|VP , Government and Community Relations, Duke Energy

"My experience with ALF will last a lifetime. The program days were filled with rich content that challenged my thinking of what type of leader I will be going forward. I’ve grown as a person and a leader due to ALF! And for that, I am eternally grateful."

Ken Lambla|Dean & Professor, College of Arts + Architecture, UNC-Charlotte

"The long-term impact of ALF is the bond between people with a common accomplishment that extends nationally when you meet ALF Senior Fellows from other parts of the country."

Janet Fortner|President & CEO, Hospice and Palliative Care Charlotte Region

"The ALF experience has become the basis for a common language among a group of very diverse individuals. The ALF experience opens pathways to explore dialogue and relationships with those whose beliefs and backgrounds may differ from our own. I experienced external and superficial barriers being dissolved so that rich dialogue was made possible."


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